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 Manufactured in the USA by NyCanCo EMS Products, Inc. Riverside CA. This warranty is for a Full Five Years from the date of purchase on the materials and workmanship. Our warranty is extended to the original purchaser. It does not cover damages incurred through accident, neglect or abuse by owner or his/her employee.

For five years from the date of purchase we will repair or replace this product as determined necessary by NyCanCo EMS Products, Inc. Please follow all guidelines listed below to obtain service under this warranty.

NyCanCo EMS Products, Inc. has devoted three decades in manufacturing  the highest quality textile products that are sold, distributed and utilized throughout the world. Specialized in EMS, Search & Rescue Products and also sports, recreation and various other fields. Corporations, Large and Small that require the talents of a superior textile manufacturer turn to us to produce their Quality Products. Most of the materials utilized in our products are from well-known Trade Names such as: 3M, YKK, Dupont, Velcro USA, Custom Metal Crafters, Duraflex and much more.

When you receive you product you will receive your product warranty form. Mail this in and you will obtain your Five Year Warranty.

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